Happy to announce that our NGO President Anupam Garg Bhai has won THE NCPEDP-MPHASIS UNIVERSAL DESIGN AWARD 2020 in individual category awarded by the NATIONAL CENTRE FOR PROMOTION OF EMPLOYMENT FOR DISABLED PEOPLE today. It is a big achievement for the first time in world Patented “Tactile Geometry KIT” designed by Sh Anupam Garg, President of our NGO AAPSI (www.aapsiindia.org). We are looking at crowdfunding of about Rs 25 Lakhs to make the 16 Moulds required to make the Geom Kit on a mass scale for the visually challenged the world over. It shall be Atamnirbhar Bharat’s gift to the visually challenged the world over.




The Tactile GEOMKIT designed and patented by Sh Anupam Garg.

Trials at the Delhi Institute… this Geomkit will change geometry forever for the visually challenged. I had the good fortune to nominate this genius classmate of mine since 1977 at IIT Kanpur who left is a well-paying job as the creator of Acrobat at ADOBE to work for the visually challenged. Hats off to Anupam Garg Ji.