S.No. Field Activity Area Covered Status
1 Planting FLORAL Saplings to promote Swachhta Giving free 12 Cr Floral saplings a year for planting in over 6000 Schools, public places to remove litter and maintain Swachhta by planting flowers instead. North India, since 2006 initially 20000 saplings, now 12 Cr in 2019 Project leader Dr. Ramji Jaimal, Vill Darbi, Sirsa, Mob. 08689041910
2 Preventing Female Foeticide Beti Bachao Andolan Awareness Generation Haryana Work in progress Project Leader Sh. Shyam Sunder, Bhiwani. Mob. 09999830818
3 Products for the Visually challenged Developing new Geometry kit and various other products Global Work in progress, Project Leader, Sh. Anupam Garg President seeking funds.
4 Eliminating Congress Grass/Parthenium Using zygo gramma bichlorata beetle North India Work in progress, Team Leader Dr. Ramji Jaimal of Sirsa
5 Artworks for Charity Raising funds through Paintings/Sculptures/ Prints sale India and Abroad Project Leader: Renuka Sondhi Gulati